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BEST SELLER: The "Best Damn Portable Resistance Band In The Land".


The TFT All Pro is our "Premium Resistance Device" that offers a circular door anchor, an industrial grade carabiner clip, and a universal anchor strap to safely attach your TFT without ever using the actual resistance band itself as an anchor point. This is a common problem with regular, cheap resistance bands which causes them to break and snap easily and potentially causing significant injury to the user. The TFT All Pro also has sliding padded handles to prevent injury, friction, and fatigue of your hands. You never have to wear gloves when exercising with the TFT All Pro. Did we mention that the TFT All Pro has foot cradles to secure your feet when performing the best leg and abdominal exercises you could ever imagine? If you can breathe and you have a heartbeat, the TFT All Pro is definitely for you. 


  • TFT Travel Bag included.

TFT All-Pro

SKU: 364215375135191
$179.99 Regular Price
$149.99Sale Price


    TFT All Pro (Band Specs) : 1 1/8 inch width X 3/16 inch thickness (15 to 55lbs of force).

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