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Slim Gym

Slim Gym


Our entry-level Tension Fit Trainer may look small, but this resistance band packs a punch! Offering the least initial tension of all of our TFTs, the Slim Gym is perfect for Physical Therapy & for mastering all Tension Fit exercises at a lessor intensity.


  • 3/4 inch width X 3/16 inch thickness (10 to 35 lbs of force)
  • Provides the greatest degree of range of motion through every movement
  • Perfect for physical therapy and muscle recovery
  • Strengthens abs and core
  • Includes a TFT Travel Bag

Our Slim Gym Tension Fit Trainer is perfect for beginners and pros alike. With high repetitions at low intensity, the Slim Gym will improve your range of motion, define your core, and help get you into the overall best shape of your life.


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