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“I have found my new obsession.” -Teresa H., TFT User


The TFT All Pro is our best-selling resistance band, offering full-body training to help you make the most out of every workout. Completely portable and easy to use, the TFT All Pro is “The Best Damn Resistance Band in the Land.”


  • 3 Exclusive FREE workout systems included:
    • 2-minute HIIT Private Workout Portal
    • TFT 10 Extreme 19-minute full-body group training
    • TFT 10 Extreme 19-minute full-body individual training
  • 1/8 inch width X 3/16 inch thickness (15 to 55 lbs of force)
  • Features a circular door anchor, industrial-grade carabiner clip, and universal anchor strap to safely attach your TFT 
  • Features sliding padded handles to prevent injury, friction, and fatigue of your hands
  • Features foot cradles to secure your feet 
  • Elevates cardio endurance
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Helps define muscles
  • Includes a TFT Travel Bag

Reach your peak performance with the TFT All Pro resistance band. This revolutionary exercise device will help you strengthen your core, burn fat, and improve your overall health. If you can breathe and you have a heartbeat, the TFT All Pro is for you.

9 reviews for TFT All Pro (BEST SELLER)

  1. Susie Turner

    The TFT All Pro is a game changer. Since using TFT products, I started to see the results in a couple of months that I longed for with a personal trainer and using weights off and on for years. My body is sliced, I have biceps and a six pack. It’s TFT for life for me. It has given me LIFE. I am staying on this path to maintain my results and to get quicker, faster, stronger!

  2. Yvonne Dulaney

    Product is sturdy and versatile. Provides a total body workout, both cardio and strength at all levels. I have been using this product since it’s inception and I continue to discover new exercises and combinations to maximize my training. Love the portability – I take my TFT with me when vacationing, going to the park, etc . Extremely easy set up and the results are AMAZING…I absolutely LOVE IT!!!

  3. Paula H

    All Pro is the best of both worlds in TFT Fitness products. It provides the right amount of tension and intensity to keep the muscles engaged. While not overly fatiguing the body. This is a great starting point for all fitness levels. This product and TFT will get you the results you want and deserve!

  4. Brittany M

    I haven’t lifted a weight in 4 years since using my TFT All Pro. My slice work is on point, and my joints feel so much better now that I’m no longer lifting weights. Working under tension is a different kind of workout. Building muscle was nice with weights, but now I’m building muscle and getting stronger working under tension with TFT. TFT has changed the game!

  5. Tony F.

    TFT is TRX on Steroids!!!

  6. Angela C

    Doing a workout with TFT is, without a doubt, the best 30 minute workout around. I’ve been working out with the TFT All Pro since it was put on the market and it gives me the best total body workout in the smallest amount of time. I get cardio and tension strength training all with one simple piece of equipment. The best part about TFT is how portable it is. I can use it at home; in a park; and I take it on vacations! The Best invention EVER!

  7. Luke Christopher

    My TFT All Pro is my plus one on every business trip, and Vacation getaway. Hotel gyms are just too inadequate and cramped. TFT has made my fitness life simple, and convenient!!

  8. Teresa H

    The TFT All Pro is definitely a game changer!  I lost weight and gained muscle much quicker than I ever did with weights. Not difficult enough, no worries. Just move back from the anchor point to increase the tension.  It can be hooked up anywhere or on anything sturdy (car door or trunk, handrail, tree, just to name a few). It weighs only 1.8 lbs so it can go wherever you go.  I was in Europe for 3 months and while everyone was struggling to find a gym I was staying fit using my TFT all over Croatia, Lisbon and Valencia.  I brought a few TFTs with me so I could train others. I was able to train people on the beach and used the beach showers for the TFT All Pro anchor point. Let’s see you do that with weights.  Get the All Pro now and make the world your gym!

  9. Allison A

    A workout using TFT will change the way you think about building muscle. No more heavy lifting for me in the gym causing injuries. No weights required. Train without strain. I have become stronger and my flexibility has increased with TFT. The convenience and versatility of working out anywhere at anytime is a plus! A TFT workout is addictive, I Love It!

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