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TFT World Champ

TFT World Champ

(7 customer reviews)


“Hands down best full body workout.” -Mark C., TFT User


If you’re looking for the ultimate in resistance training, the TFT World Champ is for you. Offering all the patented features of our other Tension Fit Trainers but at a maximum resistance strength, the TFT World Champ will help you achieve your peak performance.


  • 3 Exclusive FREE workout systems included:
    • 2-minute HIIT Private Workout Portal
    • TFT 10 Extreme 19-minute full-body group training
    • TFT 10 Extreme 19-minute full-body individual training
  • 2 inch width X 3/16 inch thickness (25 to 75 lbs of force)
  • Includes all the features of the TFT All Pro but with 5 to 10 times GREATER resistance.
  • Increase your muscle strength and endurance tenfold
  • Ideal for low repetitions at max intensity and power resistance exercises
  • Builds muscular endurance
  • Includes a TFT Travel Bag.

Take your work-out game to the next level with the TFT World Champ. Offering the heaviest resistance of all of our Tension Fit Trainers, the TFT World Champ will provide you with unbelievable full-body results in a fraction of the time of other workouts.

7 reviews for TFT World Champ

  1. Paula

    The World Champ is when your ready to take it to the next level in building muscle. This product provides more resistance and tension to fatigue the muscle and have you feeling the burn.

  2. Paula H

    Slim Gym is the perfect product when needing to shed those extra pounds that wont come off. Looking to bump up that cardio, do extra reps to burn fat and create a meaner, leaner you than this is product for you.

  3. Paula H

    All Pro is best of both worlds in TFT Fitness products. It provides the right amount of tension and intensity to keep the muscles engaged. While not overly fatiguing the body. This is a great starting point for all fitness levels.

  4. Brittany M.

    The TFT World Champ is a BEAST! When I want to pack on the muscle building, this is my “go to”. I definitely see more definition when I bring out the TFT World Champ. Great for that body-building/figure physique!

  5. Teresa H

    The TFT World Champ is no joke!  This TFT delivers the maximum amount of tension for ultimate muscle building and definition.  If you want to take it to the next level, the World Champ should be your go to.

  6. Chris R.

    If you want to pack on some serious muscle, the TFT World Champ is for you

  7. Jason P

    The muscle definition I’ve packed on using the World Champ in unbelievable. Don’t pass this up. This product is legit!

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