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TFT and Tension Fitness are solving the “no time” factor associated with achieving optimum health and fitness. In less than 20 minutes, TFT offers the user a total body training, including cardio, that can be done virtually anywhere. The fundamental purpose of TFT is body transformation. TFT aligns with each individual’s desired goals. Our motto is #ResultsDontLie.

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First and foremost, it is necessary to fully understand that all tensions are not created equal.  It took overcoming surface tension within our lungs for any of us to take our first breath. As you might naturally assume, this form of tension is highly important or none of us would be alive. On the flip side, there are many forms of tension that result in tearing our bodies down.  Joints, muscles, tissue integrity, and overall body functionality can all be compromised by the use of improper tension.

The tension associated with the design and effective use of the Tension Fit Trainer (TFT), was based purely on the universal engineering principle that force (tension) times distance equals work. It is this production of work that directly produces the formation of energy the tension that is needed to sculpt muscles, burn calories, define the core, and elevate one’s basal metabolic rate (resting metabolism).

The TFT uses a closed chain tension system. When exercising with the TFT, the body is under a constant working tension force through every movement involving the body’s kinetic chain.  It is this synchronization of muscle engagement that eliminates the possibility of wasted energy and elevates the total effectiveness of the body when using the TFT to perform exercise.

The TFT was purposefully constructed to follow the strength curve of each muscle. When going from eccentric to concentric muscle movements, our muscles naturally get stronger. The TFT welcomes this increased muscle strength and progressively delivers an elevated output to challenge our muscles further.

The tension utilized in the TFT follows the law of the conservation of energy.  Tension energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only change form. This tension energy is converted into the whole body energy which fundamentally improves the body’s efficiency.

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Once you start using the TFT, you can ultimately say goodbye to having to do ineffective abdominal crunches.  The tension from the TFT naturally enacts the abdominal muscles no matter if you are working biceps, triceps, chest, legs, etc. Your core muscles will thank you for the tension in the end.

And you ask, why tension? Soon you will be asking others: Why not tension? Let the TENSION begin.